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    How to scan to a server while using RDP


    by mundey2 ·

    Hay i am hoping someone can help me out with a problem i have at work, first of all please forgive my English as it is not my best quality.

    Ok so here is my problem. We have a server with Microsoft server 2008 r2 with around 20 users that RDP to the server each to their own account with allot of restrictions. so i have a network printer (Ricoh Afico mp171) and what i want to do is the following.. on the address book i want to program it in so that it should scan to the my documents folder of each user on the server. so no shared folder on the c drive because then every one can see the others scans. the problem is i am not sure as how to specify a path on a server without actually sharing that path. so if i am correct it should look something like this \\\c:\users\userx\my documents… but as u can imagine this does not work printer just say unable to connect.

    i would really appreciate any help.

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      by mundey2 ·

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      Configure it

      by jpelectron ·

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      Option 1: create a common share…
      which is really c:\folder (on the server)
      in this folder create a folder for each user
      …give Administrator, the scanner, and each user permission to each folder.

      Option 2: configure the copier to scan to individual e-mail mailboxes, then when the user goes to scan they should pick their own name from the front panel

      Another option:

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        Reponse To Answer

        by mundey2 ·

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        thank you very much gonna try it out today.. will let u know

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