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How To Schedule Backup

By janeyee21 ·
I am trying to schedule a Backup.
I do know how to use the ntbackup.exe but I am confused with which account I should login to setup the schedule task and how to get the task running when I am logged in as different user.

My questions:
1) Should I schedule the Backup task logged into the domain as the domain administrator?

2) After scheduling the backup task as the domain administrator, how can I get the task running even if I am logged in as normal users?

3) I tried scheduling a task as the domain administrator, when I log in as a normal user, I cannot see the schedule task on the list. Is this the right way? The tast did not run.

4) Can I setup a batch file to schedule the backup task? If yes, can someone provide a sample script?

5) What other things I should look into to make sure the schedule task runs correctly.

Thank you.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to How To Schedule Backup

Login as Administrator. Make sure the Scheduler is running by going into the command prompt (Run - cmd) and typing in AT. If it is running, you will see a message "no tasks running" or alternatively, you will see a list of scheduled tasks.

If the scheduler is not running, go to Control Panel - Services - Schedule - Startup and change Startup Type to Automatic. Make sure Log On As is set to System Account. Click OK and then click Start to start the service and make sure that its the status changes to Started on the main screen for Services.

Here is an example of a batch file C:\backup.bat. It assumes that there is a directory C:\Logfiles where the last 10 logfiles are stored:

cd \Logfiles
del backup10.log
ren backup9.log backup10.log
ren backup8.log backup9.log
ren backup.log backup1.log
ntbackup backup E: /d"Full backup" /b /v /l"C:\Logfiles\backup.log" /e

Go to the command prompt and type in the following line and press the Enter key:

at 22:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F cmd /c c:\backup.bat

Enter AT to display the list of jobs. The details will be shown as '1 Each M T W Th F 10:00PM cmd /c c:\backup.bat'.

If you made a mistake, enter 'at 1 /del' to delete the job number 1 and re-enter the details.

The backup job will run automatically at 10:00PM. The server can be left at the login prompt, without anyone being logged in.

Please note that if you forget the insert the tape or if a hardware error occurs, the only way to unload Ntbackup is to restart the Windows NT server. Not pretty, but it works.

Restoring from a Ntbackup tape can take long because the full tape catalog needs to be created first before you can select the items to be restored. If you happen to have a PC around, you can also schedule a simple command file with XCOPY to run overnight on a Windows XP, copying the important directories from the server to the local hard drive, assuming that this does not create a security risk.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to

Oops, my answer was based purely on Windows NT 4.0 Server. Is that your server environment or Windows 2000? You are talking about server backup, or are you running Ntbackup to backup Windows XP?

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by janeyee21 In reply to How To Schedule Backup

Oh, I missed this info.
I want to backup PST files for Outlook and Data Files on client pcs, running on Win XP Pro SP2 by copying these files to the server.

Also, I will need to backup the server itself (Data + System). The server is running Win Small Business Server 2003.

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by makaleeem In reply to How To Schedule Backup

Answer 1) You should schedule the backup in the schedule tasks in Control panel with Administrator login and password.
2) Once you schedule your backup through Scheduled Tasks in Control panel you dont need to worry about anything it does automatically.
3) May be their is some virus in yoru computer preventing from running the schedules task try running the latest stinger toget rid of them.

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