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How to script a field of buttons to Fill login boxes?

By Conor:L ·

I am a IT Systems Coordinator and unfortunately have about a half a million password to remember for all our different systems.

I used to work for Shell where we had a little bit of home made software where there was a box with about 10 buttons and behind the buttons multiple options ie:

Domain (or any other 3rd box)

I wanted to recreate this but can think of a nice and easy platform to start of with.
I have some experience in VB, C++, PHP etc.

But cant really think of the easiest startup.

Can anyone give me an idea of where to go with this?


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try looking at

by markp24 In reply to How to script a field of ...

hi theres some good infor on

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by Conor:L In reply to try looking at

Thanks for the answer, but im looking for something a little more specific, like the best/easiest code mess around with.

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The easiest code to mess with is the code you know.

by seanferd In reply to How to script a field of ...

If you already have the VB IDE, for instance, you place buttons on a form and then write the code for the buttons.

I suppose it also depends on where you'd want to run this. Inside another application? As a simple web app? I assume this is a Windows platform of some sort.

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by Conor:L In reply to The easiest code to mess ...

Well i was thinking of running it like a stand alone .exe
which would also be on the foreground.

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