How to secure loss of password of wifi connection

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Wifi password are exposed to theft many people try to intrude and access your wifi connection by getting it password , is there any other way to secure the wifi password from being stolen??

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by gechurch In reply to How to secure loss of pas ...

The short answer is: no

To expand on that slightly, there are three main ways someone could get your WiFi password:

Crack it - Using software it's possible to 'sniff' WiFi traffic to computers already on the network and grab the key that way. Best practise is to use WPA2 encryption with a long password. This will stop all but the most determined hacker.

Retrieve it - Any computer that has connected to your WiFi network and has the option to automatically reconnect is storing your WiFi password on the computer. There is software that will read this password and show it to you.

Ask for it - People are surprisingly susceptible to social engineering attacks (where they are tricked into giving someone the password). They are often the weakest link in security.

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