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    How to secure my webserver


    by tellmewhy ·

    Hi, I have created a webserver and gave links to many softwares and folders inside my harddisk and now i am able to put my computer in the browser to retrieve my webpage full of links of stuff inside my computer. The problem is that anyone else who knows it in my office can also open it and reach for the links and folders on my intranet webpage. Please tell me if i can “password protect” my webpage on intranet so that no one else could open it or only those who are authorized can open it?

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      by rawright ·

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      Yes, you can protect your intranet pages from others. Remove the IUSR_[machinename] account from the list of allowed users on each folder or page that you want to protect, and add your personal account to the list. The IUSR_ account is what allows anonymous access by other users. You should also check for other users and groups that are granted access by default and remove them if you don’t want them looking at your site. Test your results by trying to access the protected pages from another computer while logged in as another user. You should get a login popup box asking for a username and password, or an Access Denied message when you have the settings correct.

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