how to see error message?

By paladin2 ·
Occasionally I get these error messages that show for less than a second right after I click the 'turn off' box on my XP. It's maddening as they come and go with no hint in the behavior on the machine other than sometimes it takes two and sometimes even three minutes to fully boot. My OS is on a fast Samsung SLC SSD and a minute should be the absolute max and sometimes I can boot and get photoshop open in that time. But even cloned to a 7200rpm regular disk the damn error message is gone before the human eye can get it. How do I review error messages and are they even viewable? It's driving me nuts (that's a bit of an overstatement actually) but it's a problem I just can't figure out. I've even sat with my Fuji s100fs set at 7 frames a second but by the time my hand gets to the camera the error message is already gone.

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by paladin2 In reply to Use event logs

the subject line is really the whole message. And sincerely, thanks. Tho I'm not sure what to do with the info I got. But that's another whole project. Again, thanks

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I asume by 'turn off' you actually mean 'Shutdown' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to see error message?

Then there is a strange occurrence here - you normally get error messages when you Boot, not when you Shutdown - there is no protocol to receive error messages on shutdown.

Are you sure it's not happening on Boot ?!

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by seanferd In reply to I asume by 'turn off' you ...

"Windows is saving your settings..."

Are we even sure it is an error message?

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I'm probably getting repetitious

by paladin2 In reply to Or...

I found, thanks to instructions of another poster how to find and use the event viewer and it tells me that the error message is because something is using the registry at the same time my profile is shutting it down. I haven't yet tried to figure out what's doing what and how to stop it but now I know at least. I'm sure when I can find some minutes I'll figure out how to fix it. And if I can't I'll come back again. It was here I got the instructions to the event log, or is it event viewer? Regardless I'm on the road to a fix and I'm just happy it's nothing too serious.

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by paladin2 In reply to I asume by 'turn off' you ...

Of course I'm sure it's on shut down and not the boot. I'm no computer genius or anything but I do know the difference between on and off and startup and shutdown. I got an answer that pointed me towards an answer but I'm not sure what the message means, other than it's nothing too serious I think. I'll post the contents of what I found a bit later. thanks

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To reduce your shutdown time

by Jacky Howe In reply to how to see error message?

Click Start, Run and type Regedt32 and press Enter.

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.

Click on the "Control" Folder. In the right hand pane you will see WaitToKillServiceTimeout

Right click on it and select Modify. The default value is 20000.

Set it to a lower value (10000).

Restart the PC.

If it is not working decrease the Value to 4 digits (5000).

Have a play as those messages are references to items that are trying to be shutdown.

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my shutdown times might be part of the problem

by paladin2 In reply to To reduce your shutdown t ...

From the time I click the shut down button till it's lights out is almost always exactly 6 seconds. So I have no problems with shut down time being too long. In fact it might be involved with the error message I finally, with the help of another in this post, got and it says something about my profile shutting down while something else is using the registry. I use a 64GB SLC SSD for my OS and it's really really fast. I expected fast when I bought it but .01 seek times were more than I'd hoped for. If I put Photoshop in my startup programs in a couple of seconds less than a minute it's up, running and photoshop is ready to roll. It's still amazing to watch even after 6 months of using it.

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So UPHClean

by Jacky Howe In reply to my shutdown times might b ...

saved the day?

You've been around for awhile, but you might not be aware that, if someone provides information that will help with the outcome for the problem that you are experiencing, you should mark that answer as Helpful. It will benefit other users with the same problem to be able to hone in on the fix.

<b>How do I rate the answers to my posted Question?</b>
Click on the answer. Click the Mark "Helpful" button displayed below the post. You may mark more than one answer as "Helpful."

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no I didn't, but it won't happen again.

by paladin2 In reply to So UPHClean

Sorry for not noticing that fact. Very sorry. to tell you the truth I just discovered, probably by accident, that I could post a question here. I get every and any tech related paper I can and get an inbox full of them. I'm not that slow a learner but I am still learning.

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