how to select multiple icons on WinXP Desktop

By JADavis9 ·
I often want to select a bunch of the icons on the Desktop and slide them over to the Recycle Bin to delete them. Can I do that or do I just need to do them one by one? I have tried holding Shift or Control button while clicking which works in other parts of Windows, but on the Desktop it seems to make copies of those file icons that I have selected.

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Ctrl click or rubberband

by Choppit In reply to how to select multiple ic ...

Ctrl + (single) click should work or click and drag to rubberband them.

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Your problem

by santeewelding In reply to how to select multiple ic ...

In the first place, sounds like the habit of populating the desktop with so many millions of icons that they become a longcut problem instead of a shortcut each is meant to be.

And laboriously dragging them to Recycle Bin when Recycle Bin ought to be the first deleted (Tweak UI). Every one after that "ought" to be temporary, banished after using it with a right-click and, "Delete". Pull it from the Start menus after that.

Keep up what you're doing and you begin resembling a paranoid hoarder.

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please leave me alone

by JADavis9 In reply to Your problem

I don't know what I ever did to get such nasty treatment from you, but you should really stop it and pay more respect to the rest of us and stop getting so nasty to me.
BTW, I keep a very clean Desktop, that is why I am asking about this issue that I am finding when I try to clear the Desktop. Like I really care what you think of my neatness habits. I don't care.
I have been temporarily creating shortcuts on my Desktop while fighting issues on my tablet which is now running great. I have just 4 icons on it and 2 of those are my wife's.
I have discovered the cause of this issue. It was an issue with the mouse moving while clicking. Someone at Microsoft Answers gave me the tip. I slowed the mouse travel speed down a tiny bit and it resolved it.
Keep up what you're doing and you begin to resembling (?) a jerk.

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Quick fix, though i do not know if this is what you are after..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how to select multiple ic ...

Just hold down the "left" button on your mouse on an empty part of your Desktop and while holding the Left button just move over your Icons, when your icons are selected let go of the Left button and then you will see that they are highlighted, now just Right click and select "Delete", now all of your Icons are in the bin.
Hope it is of any help to you.

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Windows Exploder . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to how to select multiple ic ...

no need to adjust mouse settings

open windows exploder
if folders window isn't open
click folders button

at the top of the folders in the left window is the Desktop

click there and the icons specific to your desktop will appear in the file pane

select as you normally would select and then delete by your preferred method

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