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How to send e-mail by ASP automatically

By gy24hz13 ·
How to send e-mail by ASP automatically?
I tried to use CDONTS.NewMail but failed.

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Question a bit vague

by I_Am_Whopper In reply to How to send e-mail by ASP ...

This is kind of a vague post, what exactly do you mean by "sending email by ASP automatically"?

Do you have your SMTP mail service configured correctly?

As far as I know the main 2 ways to send email via ASP is with either the CDONTS or CDOSYS objects (depending upon the version of the windows operating system you are running).

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by gy24hz13 In reply to Question a bit vague

I could not find "CDONTS" or "CDOSYS" in my registry
Are there any other ways to send e-mail by ASP?

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Use .net email

by Oshri In reply to

if you have the.net framework installed on your webserver, (if you don't you should).

Use the email component for .net its easier and faster, the only issue would be that your page has to be an aspx page.

You'll also need an smtp server to send the email.

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Why are you messing with the registry?

by notoriousDOG In reply to

CDONTS works with SMTP. SMTP can be controlled from the IIS Admin Snap-in.

You can also find free, third party dlls that do what CDONTS does (JMail is a good one).

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by Premk_ekk In reply to Why are you messing with ...

U can use xp_sendmail...
CDONTS and xp_sendmail require you to have a MAPI client (aka, Outlook) installed and configured with a mailbox, on your web server, for it to work. In an enterprise environment, that would never happen.

Another solution would be to use a component like ASPMail (www.serverobjects.com) to send email. You can send an email from the ASP, or you could code it into an ActiveX script. I use this quite regularly.

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