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    how to send mail from ASP page


    by sumit_khichi ·

    please tell me step by step solution to send mail from ASP page.I am using cdo/cdonts object to send mail for this i have to configure the SMTP server.Please guide me to configure the SMTP server for mailing in steps.

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      Use This for you

      by cashrag ·

      In reply to how to send mail from ASP page

      Use below code for sending email
      set objmsg = Server.CreateObject(“CDONTS.NewMail”)
      objmsg.From = “
      objmsg.To = “

      objmsg.Subject = “

      lngMsgFormat = “0”
      lngMsgEncode = “0”
      objmsg.BodyFormat = lngMsgFormat
      objmsg.MailFormat = lngMsgEncode
      objmsg.Body = “ Messages”

      set objmsg = nothing

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        smtp server setup is easy

        by gobucksdave ·

        In reply to Use This for you

        the smtp server that cdont uses is in IIS.
        administrative tools – internet services manager – right click on the main iis zone – looks like a computer – go to new – smtp server – and set it up. Caution – If There is a mail server on this machine all ready – you will need to choosa a port other than 25 or no one will be able to send mail. – there are a lot of settings for the smtp server to avoid someone using your server as a relay point and so forth – might want to check into a ms tutorial/how to from their site if you’ve never set one up.

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