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    How to serve an excel file to people on a domain


    by leotorres81 ·


    I would like to know if there is someway to share an excel file on a domain. My problem is the following:
    I have a master excel file that a big amount of users on the domain need read access only. There is only 3 users that need full control of the file. The idea is that whenever one of these 3 users make any change, that the file that everyone sees reflects this changes basically in real time. Also, if there is a capability of sending an email using Outlook, this isnt so important but if it is possible it woeul be really nice. The idea is something like MS Project Server, everyone is able to see the schedule but only the PM can make changes. Whenever a change is made, the users related to that project are notified via outlook.

    Sorry to ask for so much, i am not in the IT field and y dont know as much as you guys do.



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