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How To Serve Man? Food for thought for the new year

By maxwell edison ·
To serve man ? is there a better endeavor? Is there anything more noble? Most of our plates are too full to even think about it. There?s an apparent hunger within one group to make it their life?s goal. Here?s how they do it:

Apparently, a serving of true tenderness will go a long way.

Happy New Year to all!

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Without checking the link

by Tig2 In reply to How To Serve Man? Food fo ...

I would bet that this is a story that I read long ago. It makes one think on how we use language to communicate and why it is that when we hear hoofbeats we never consider a zebra might be responsible.

It would seem to me that we would do well with MORE creative thinking, not less.

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Shades of 'V'!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How To Serve Man? Food fo ...

My first thought when reading your title was, "Stewed, with rosemary and garlic, new potatoes."

Thanks for that.

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Why Not the Hitchcock Version

by TheChas In reply to How To Serve Man? Food fo ...


For some reason the thought of spit roasted came to mind when I read the title of this thread.

After seeing the link, I thought why not the Alfred Hitchcock story "Specialty of The House"

Of course, that does not make your thinly veiled political point.


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Thinly veiled political point?

by maxwell edison In reply to Why Not the Hitchcock Ver ...

And what might that be?

(I hate it when I make a point that I, myself, miss.)

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Happy January, Maxwell

by santeewelding In reply to Thinly veiled political p ...

I won't say what I was going to say about what your points look like. I mean, saying that they are so gross as to hang over your belt...

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by maxwell edison In reply to Happy January, Maxwell

My wish (concerning you) for the new year - that you will begin to make sense.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Why Not the Hitchcock Ver ...

There's a moral point that's pretty easy to see, but a political point? If it's there, it's hiding from me.

Twilight Zone was known for making moral points, at least among thinking types.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Hmmm.

Nothing political in my intentions. (Nothing moral either, although you are correct about the underlying messages in many Twilight Zones.)

My intentions:

1. I LOVE The Twilight Zone. Maybe it?s a geek and/or generation thing. I especially like the time-travel and space travel episodes.

2. For a chuckle ? for myself and anyone else with a sense of humor.

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Thanks Max

by Michael Jay In reply to Exactly

That was a great TZ, must have missed it, or forgotten it.

I can see a possible political over/under tone, but it is not worth mentioning.

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