How to set an Cisco VOIP Network

By jgraf33509 ·
Hello again to all. Once again I am seeking your help. I am a up and coming Net Admin recently given the task to set up an Cisco VOIP network. Currently all me have is 10 2900 switches, 2 3500 POE switches and couple routers, PIX and content engine. Where do I start. Please give some tips and pitfalls to avoid. Plan on using the Cisco 7960G phones ( no choice there ). Thanks Jerry

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Same here. I am doing my homework

by abdult3 In reply to How to set an Cisco VOIP ...

I am doing my homework by reading newer articles about Voip. Since, manufacturers are coming out with the improved technology, lots of old bug have been cleared.I am asking other people if they have Voip at work and if they like it. If possible to call their IT guy in charge of Voip and get the insight from them.
The most important question is what are your company's need? How will switching to Voip help your company? Feasibility study should be done. Pros and Cons. Older equipments are prone to DOS attacks
We are moving to a new office and we have an old PBX system. Our 2 offices in the other bldg will also be moving in with us. So, all our phone are old and all different models. So, this is a good time as any to justify the cost.With new Cat 6 cabling.
Cisco, 3Com, Avaya, Nortel are the big players in the market. Then it comes down to hiring the reseller with a good reputation. Some can barely spell Voip, some small resellers are very personable but usually gone in few years leaving you with dealing with new bigger company.
Get couple of companies to come down and give you an estimates and design once you have gained enough Voip knowledge. Just listen to this people and see if they interested in just making fast money or really earning their money by looking out
for your best interest.
Bottom line, you have to do all the leg work before and after the project. Thats my plan! Good Luck!

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Plan your call agent

by sujesh1975 In reply to How to set an Cisco VOIP ...

How many phones are you planning to implement?
Which is your call agent?
How many sites you have? Single site or multisite?
If multisite Centralized or distributed call processing?
Which series routers you have? If you are using centralized call processing for redundancy in you can configure remote gateway for SRST.
Are you planning seperate IPT n/w or a converged n/w

Lots of question you have to answer before going to an implementation....

Wish u all the best...

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