How to set associations in the control panel

By mztee ·
I operating system is Windows Vista Ulitmate 64 bit and I am trying to make an association in the control panel so that I can open a program with word pad and I dont know what to change in the control panel, bcause there are so many. When I to adobe and right clicked on host there are three assocication there none of which I need. It says open with Generic, text, Hex editor and Hash values.

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"Choose Default Program..." should be an option ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to set associations i ...

Or you may have another option called "Other.."

Whichever one you see, use it to browse to your utilities in order to pick the one of your preference.

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In Windows 7 Pro, you use the Search Bar ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to set associations i ...

The one at the bottom of the Start Menu.

Typing file associations into the Search Box, you arrive at a screen filled with every filetype. From there you associate whichever program you wish to open any particular filetype.

I'm assuming the sequence is similar in Vista.

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Your peermail has confused me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to set associations i ...

So, here it is for all other peers to read:

From: mztee
Subject: file associations
Because there is no program associated with the program I can not choose a default program unless I go into the control and set an association. The problem with that is there are so many I cant tell which one is the program I am suppose to change.EX:I need to choose an association to open up a pfd file Now some of them did it automatically and I dont have to do anything, but others I have and I can chose to open up with adobe reader, but everytime I open that file I have to do the same thing.

Your peermail is quite frankly difficult to read and you are using 'Program' to cover a multitude of descriptors - obviously not all the same.

Also, if you don't tell us which PROGRAM you mean, the confusion continues.

Regarding the PFD file - there are a few of them too:

PFD ProForm Database Data Entry File (SoftPro)
PFD Personal Finances Database (Alex Shirokov (ALZEX software))
PFD PlanningForce Plan File (Intelligent Software Cy)
PFD Process (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
PFD Playstation 3 Saved Game Control Data (Sony Corporation of America)

Some closer attention to detail would be a great help here. :)

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How to set associations in the control panel

by finiderir3 In reply to How to set associations i ...


-hit Window+R to open the Run dialog
-type control and hit Enter to open Control
-check top right you have View By: Small Icons
-click Default Programs (the 10th in the list)
-click Associate A File Type Or Protocol etc

a+, =)

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