how to set it up

By care_bearsgurl06 ·
ok im kinda new with computers but im in ROTC andim 16 i need help on how to started up a we site i have been using this program called EVRSOFT and it will generae the code for me but i don tknow how to get it to be a page like on the internet. i have the codes fro it i just dont know how to make it and internet page. Please help me
you can contact me at goth_bourne91@YAHOO.COM or thank you

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to how to set it up

The advice first: NEVER post your real name or e-mail addresses in any public website. You leave yourself open to spam, phishing scams, identity theft, and other forms of electronic harassment.

Now the assistance: in order to get a page on the Internet, you must submit it to a web hosting service. If your school or school district has a web page, check with the administration and see if you can have your ROTC page added to their web site. This would be the easiest way since you would send the HTML file to the webmaster and he or she would put it on the web for you. Another option is if your internet service provider (ISP) at home allows users to post web pages. An ISP is the company you use to connect to the Internet - AOL, RoadRunner, etc. ISP's often provide web space for their customers; contact your ISP and see if they do. They will usually send you instructions on how to publish your page.

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