How to set password expiration notification for non-regular users

By samualhassi ·
In our AD domain we have setup 30 days password expiration policy. There are few senior guys in our company who don’t access their AD accounts regularly. They access it only for VPN, web based services, OWA etc. Regular AD users get password expiry notifications through windows messaging but my problem is how non-regular users can get such notifications ?

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Send them a paper memo,

reminding them to login to their account at least every 30 days to change their password.

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Any other option which can notify automatically

by samualhassi In reply to How to set password expir ...

Hi Wizard,
Thanks for reply.
Sending a paper memo or reminding them on every 30 days can be an option but in hectic business schedule, it's a bit typical. Can you please suggest me some other option which can send them an email or notify them automatically ?

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AD password expiration notification script

by cwdowiak In reply to How to set password expir ...

We use something similar to this to notify our users of their password expiring. It runs on one of our domain controllers in scheduler. Seems to work pretty good.

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Scripting is good but can't support to me

by samualhassi In reply to How to set password expir ...

Hi cwdowiak,
Thanks for your reference.
But it's my bad-luck that I am not much familiar with scripting.
And it can't help me anymore. Still, I looks with the same concern.

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Try good third party tool

by carlochapline In reply to How to set password expir ...

As you have mentioned that you are not familiar with scripting, you should try any good third party tool which could be helpful in such scenario.
A reference can be explored at :

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Good tool and great features

by samualhassi In reply to How to set password expir ...

Hi Carlo,
Thanks for help. Features looks good and impressed me. Checking trail version to analyze the performance whether it could be a good choice and suits to my concern . Will update with feedback soon.

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