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    How to set “print preview” as default on lab computers?


    by bvjones59 ·

    The college where I work has several large “open computer labs” where we go through thousands and thousands of sheets of paper every day, and easily one-third or more is just junk. Sometime in the next year or so, we’re going to get a pay-per-print system, but we aren’t there yet.

    In the meantime, I wondered if there were a way to set up the computer images to default to “print preview” whenever anyone clicked on Print? This would be especially helpful for Office applications and online browsing (we still use IE6, but will be moving to IE7 and Firefox soon). Students would know BEFORE 15 pages spew out, that text is being cropped off, or that there is some other glitch that they can’t see on the edit screen.

    My puny inkjet at home has a page preview option built into the controller, but apparently our HP 4150’s are only using a driver (no extra controller software) and don’t have such an option.

    Thanks for whatever advice or suggestions you can give.

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