How to set up a VPN to access Router?

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I work for a small company... we are in the cloud and have no servers on site. In fact we don't share any data at all. We use and Gmail. I've recently installed soft phones on all support laptops so they can access our VOIP phone system from home. The soft phones work fine in the office when they are on the network connection, but not from home as their IP has changed. I need to create a VPN connection so that my users can access their soft phones when working from home.

I can create a VPN (outgoing) connection, but just not sure where to connect and how? Do I need to turn the Netgear Router into a VPN server? What about Port Forwarding?

Thanks for the help!


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In general

by robo_dev In reply to How to set up a VPN to ac ...

You have two challenges.

First of all, you need a router that IS a VPN router, such as a Cisco ASA appliance which can work as a SSL VPN (clientless VPN). A SSL VPN can simply use the client web-browser to connect, versus a separate VPN client app that needs to be installed on each client PC.

There are several traditional VPN router plus VPN application solutions available from everybody from Cisco to SonicWall, to Netgear...some better than others.


The softphone application needs to work with the VPN solution, and that may not be easy to do. Doing VoIP over a VPN can be tricky.

Perhaps a 'dumb' question, but why would you use a soft-phone on a VPN-connected laptop to connect to to your VoIP phone at work....versus just picking up the phone and making a call? The latter would be better/cheaper/more reliable.

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Reponse To Answer

by AppExtremes In reply to In general

Thanks for the response. That's what I was looking for. Appears the Cisco ASA 5505 may be the ticket for us. I'll have to do some research.

As for the why... It wouldn't be a permanent solution but one used "just in case". Having people using their cell or home phone wouldn't be ideal so this was our next best solution when people are working from home or in the field other than VOIP.

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