How to set up gmail (not Outlook) as my default email in Word- Office 2007?

By tvl7man ·
When I type a letter in Word 2007, I want to click email and send using Gmail

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So you want to use Word as your Gmail editor?

by Kenone In reply to How to set up gmail (not ...

Have to admit this one had me scratching my head. Almost sounds reasonable but I don't think that you can do it. Now, why would anyone want to?

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Reponse To Answer

by dogknees In reply to So you want to use Word a ...

It's not about using Word as your email editor. Ii's about being able to email a Word document in one step rather than the save, draft email, attach file process.

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This might work....

by ashishs2424 In reply to How to set up gmail (not ...

Open up Internet Browser. Click on Tools > Internet Options. Then click on Programs tab. In the Email field, change it from Outlook to Windows Live email. Atleast that what I have for options on my pc. Hoping that by selecting Windows Live Email, you'll be prompted to select either hotmail or the option to navigate to Gmail.

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Install Google Pack

by 88Fan In reply to How to set up gmail (not ...

Once you install Google Pack (With Chrome and Google Apps at minimum) you will be able to select GMail as your default mail client.

(edit for spelling - IE9 doesn't spellcheck this like Chrome and FF)

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Use the default settings

by kmdennis In reply to How to set up gmail (not ...

Depends on your OS. If XP, right click the menu bar, and look for default application wher it shows Internet and email then set up gmail.

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Use Affixa

by andy_spear In reply to How to set up gmail (not ...

Affixa is a free program I found while searching this problem. It is easy and doesnt require reg edits or anything. Its downside is that it doesnt open gmail, it just adds an email draft to your drafts folder in gmail or whatever web-email you use. All you have to to then is click on the draft and write your email. It also can take a few seconds to load the file into an attachment and save it as a draft but the load time is not much more than loading an attachment straight to gmail so it is a wash.,77062/description.html

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