How to set up same emails go to two computers?

By Healer ·
I would like to have all incoming emails go to two different computers that have the same account set up. That is one copy to one computer. Is it possible?

The reason is so that more than one person can look after the same email account.

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Need more info

by Juanita Marquez In reply to How to set up same emails ...

What kind of email are you using? What kind of server are you using? Is this for a website or for a company or an individual?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you could have several options - set up rights to whichever users you want to access the account on the Exchange server via a group in Active Directory so they have equal permissions as a group, or as simple as giving delegation rights from the person's account who needs the email looked at to the 2nd person who needs to enter the mailbox occasionally and only look at certain folders (Inbox, Sent Items, etc.) and leave the rest of the folders set to not allow reading.

Please clarify what you are using and how you want it accessed.

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Business web site

by Healer In reply to Need more info

It is an info email account with a mail server for a business web site. There is no Microsoft Exchange or Active Directory involved. The mail reader is Microsoft Outlook 2003.

One of the businesses would like two of his staffers to be able to deal with all incoming emails of one email account at the same time on two different computers in order to share the workload.

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email auto-forward

by oldbaritone In reply to How to set up same emails ...

One way to do it is to create a second email account and have all email from the first account automatically forward to the second.

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Forwarding would not duplicate.

by Healer In reply to email auto-forward

Forwarding an email would not create a duplicate copy and one would have to have more than one different email account. There is only one incoming email account in this scenario though outgoing account can be more than one.

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Leave on server.

by seanferd In reply to How to set up same emails ...

If the mail is not deleted from the server, you can download it again on any machine on which that email account is configured.

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Dowload unlimited times would flood the mail reader.

by Healer In reply to Leave on server.

Not an ideal way as it would flood the mail reader which is Microsoft Outlook and one doesn't know when to stop. Unless the mail reader only downloads mail that hasn't been downloaded to the current mail reader before. However doing so would take ages if it has to go through all the mail stored in the server.

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why would this method flood Outlook?

by CG IT In reply to Dowload unlimited times w ...

The mail box is on the server and mail is stored there until deleted [much the way hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, work].

So anyone with the credentials can go and look at the mail from any computer.

So I don't see the problem.

You could use public email like Gmail or hotmail and simply provide the 2 users with credentials. Each can get the mail everytime they open Outlook that is configured to sign in and get mail[does a send/receive when opened].

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Thanks for your patience and tolerance.

by Healer In reply to why would this method flo ...

I had supposed that if the email was not deleted at the server then every time when the Outlook did a Send/Receive the same email would have got downloaded again. That was why I said it could flood the mail reader Microsoft Outlook.

Moreover if it was not true then I had supposed the server would take a long time to go through all the undeleted emails in order to make sure not to download the email again and again.

One of the side-effect is the undeleted emails could eventually choke the mail server. I am hoping something I can set up once and for all and I don't have to remember to go back and delete mails at the server every now and then.

The reason I asked about all this because I need to set up two computers to have the emails of the same account downloaded.

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Leave on server

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Thanks for your patience ...

If you set as "Leave Message on Server" then downloaded messages will be not redownloaded everytime you sync with the exchange server. Only messages not downloaded will be downloaded on every sync.

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Are you saying that

by Healer In reply to Leave on server

it will work on having the same email account on multiple computers and it will download every incoming email once only on every computer irrespective of what type mail server it is? So somebody would have to log on to the mail server and manually clean up the mail server every now and then?

I believe this is a mail server on a Linux system, not a Windows Exchange server.

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