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How to set up wireless so that my neighbour can access the internet and LAN

By rzwoo ·
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I have a ADSL modem with one port, switch router with 5 ports, 2 PC and three Laptops in my home which im currently using the wired networking. As i know that, the wireless can reduce the cable and make it convenient for laptop user we can have a flexible space, some more i have grant my neighbour to accessing my internet connection whereby i have the wireless at the future.

So up to now, i would like to set a a wireless network, but im not so sure the disadvantages and the internet connection will realiable or not.

Hopefully techrepublic can guide me for setting this wirelessa and what devices that i can consider.

Thanks for your kind attention

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In the USA..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to set up wireless so ...

In the USA, ISP's don't allow sharing our internet connection with the neighbor unless we pay extra for a 2nd "hook-up". Have you checked with your ISP to see if they allow it? If so, they should be able to provide instructions on how to setup the sharing. Of course, they'll probably charge you twice what you're paying now just to let the neighbor have access. Maybe even 5 times that amount with all the other drive by computers "sharing" your connection as well. But, hey! Who's counting?

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But now i have using the wired to

by rzwoo In reply to In the USA..........

But now i have using the wired to get connected to internet with 2 PCs and 3 laptop in my home from my ADSL modem and switch. How come the wireless can not work like that? Is that mean if i replace a wireless in my home then the 1 PC and three laptop will not get internet access??

Sorry, im consufed it

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You misunderstand..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to But now i have using the ...

There is nothing preventing you from using the wireless in your home, if that's what you want to do. All you have to do is figure out how to make it work.

What I was trying to say is that most ISP's charge you to provide internet access for ONE connected computer at a time. Some ISP's acknowledge that people have multiple computers in their homes and network them so they can all use the same ISP connection to "get on the internet" at the same time, but they turn a blind eye to it and don't charge you extra for providing that service. Other ISP's are very strict about it and, if they find out you have more than one computer using the one ISP internet connection they have provided, will send you a bill for it or terminate your service without warning.

I don't know how things work where you live, but in the USA, by allowing your internet connection to be shared with your neighbor, you would be in open violation of your service agreement with the ISP. If the ISP finds out about it, which they WILL do eventually, you may find yourself without any internet access at all or, at the very minimum, a huge bill to pay.

Do you want to take that chance JUST to give your neighbor free internet access? Do you also want to open up your 5 computers to hacking from someone using the neighbor's computer to access your LAN?

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Go For It !

by HCream In reply to How to set up wireless so ...

The WiFi technology is mature and wireless routers are pretty much a commodity nowadays. Most new models are bundled with firewall to make them more secure to use. Make sure you enable all the security features on the wireless router and use the highest settings if possible.

It's very generous of you to share the Internet connection with your neighbor. But since you already have 5 devices connected, you should consider the added bandwidth consumption of the wireless connections. Start with just 1 wireless connection/account to test it out.

Generally speaking, 802.11g wireless routers offer better WiFi range than comparable 802.11b. The best range, though not widely available yet, is offered by the so-called 802.11n pre-N unit. Note that the actual range and performance of any wireless router varies depending on conditions of the environment such as obstructions and radio interference.

To ensure compatibility, you may want to first check that with your ISP.

Lastly, since you plan to share your network, you may be responsible(depending on the laws of your country) for its misuse.

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