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    how to set user enviroment


    by xnscisd ·

    1. Ive started the telnet service of our Win2000 server. A remote user telnets and logins to this server and uses it as a gateway to telnet/login to a Dec-Alpha server. But he wants to set terminal emulation as VT220. Is this possible? Can I set this telnet user term to VT220? If yes, pls tell how.

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      You would need to have the Windows 2000 server running in application mode under terminal server.

      You would also need a terminal emulation mode software.

      Rather than deal with all these issues, open the Unix server to this user for remote telneting, unless the security people know this is a bad idea, as is opening a Windows server to telnet from remote sites.

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