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How to setup 4 webcams to a PC & more

By PatternFlyer ·
I am trying to install 4 video cameras, possibly webcam, as security cameras around a building.

I have to connect all 4 of them to one PC and be able to record video from all 4 of them when the building is not occupied.

I also have to make sure that I can look at live video from a remote location using high speed internet.

The building and my home have dynamic IP DSL connections.

Is this possible?
What are the equipments that you would recommend?



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by zaferus In reply to How to setup 4 webcams to ...

Save yourself a lot of headaches - use IP cameras. Some even allow for PoE (Power over Ethernet) so you only have to string an Ethernet cable to where you want your camera.

Then have a mirrored/striped drive set on a PC or get an IDE NAS (Depending on how much video data you are wanting to hold and for how long) and pipe the data in there.

If you want to have a survellance system all it has to do is watch the real time data coming in which is offered by just about every security camera company I can think of.

Just remember over high speed it won't be very good quality as it is consistently unreliable for video streaming. But if you have a VPN to this location (use a router to VPN) it should be ok as long as you turn down the resolution to where the high speed can handle it (you'll have to test this at the remote site - but you should be able to log into the camera control software by IP to tweak).

Lots of companies will give you a trial camera. I recommend contacting security companies in your area and see what deals they will offer you. Just make sure you keep a little footage from each camera you test so you can do a comparison for quality vs. price, and make sure your surveillance software does what you want (do you want to move the camera? zoom? motion sensor? etc.)


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by mikex In reply to How to setup 4 webcams to ...

Somebody was selling a whole security set for 75, with a 3 wireless cameras and video recording, but if you want to practice in the security area... go for it

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by Paulvs1_ In reply to How to setup 4 webcams to ...

how do you set up 4 camras i need to know

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by imsun_08201 In reply to How to setup 4 webcams to ...

I install these cameras and like to suggest u use D-Link DCS-5300 G is great up to 16 cameras.
Software re great to. easy to install and follow the instructions on the disk.

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