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How to setup a game server?

By gitex98 ·
I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to setup a game server internally on the same public IP segment as the gamers without having to cross to the internet for optimal lag free gaming?

What would be the best Hardware, OS, content, any special problems I should be aware of? Thank you.

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Mmmmm.... I think this is the answer...

by admin In reply to How to setup a game serve ...

assign it an address in the same subnet and physically plug it into the same switch and, if you want to keep it off the net, don't set up the gateway or router or whatever you have.
Like I said, I'm not entirely sure this is what you are asking for...

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More complicated than that

by gitex98 In reply to Mmmmm.... I think this is ...

The gamers are running cable modems to connect to a "Headend" they get a public dynamic IP address when their modem boots from the DHCP server.

The Gameserver would also be connected in the headend, I guess my question is if there are a "server version" of games like Diablo as opposed to the ones you buy at Circuit City or if I just use the regular retail version. Also any ideas on how to get my gamers client machine to recognize my server directly, Can I force a clients' machine to look foronly one gameserver.

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I think it depends on the game, or not?

by eBob In reply to More complicated than tha ...

I always thought that this depends on the game. Some games can be played in "multi-player mode". Some games, I suppose, might have a "server" version, for which you would have to refer to the mfr's website. From that you would get the necessary specs.

The question I have in my mind: What does a "game server" do, anyway? I don't do much of this type of play, but it has generally been my impression that most game servers are simple registries, where gamers who themselves are running a "multi-player" game, can let other players know that there is a game going on.

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They are usually true client-server

by admin In reply to I think it depends on the ...

Most modern games include the server in the package. A game server generally hosts the entire game, sending you the client info on the terrain, whether you are dead etc. which is then rendered on your own machine. Not much different than Outlook feeding Exchange really, or Apache with a cgi post...
There are registries too, like gamespy, that index servers, kinda like a search engine.

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Cable.... gotcha...

by admin In reply to More complicated than tha ...

Well, technically, of course, in the cable agreements I've seen you are specifically restricted from running any server, including games and I've heard they do regular port scans. At anyrate, I'm using DSL and even if I switch the router to DHCP it works as above. I know this is no help to you...... Have you tried getting on the boards at Megagames or similar places? Here's the URL of the discussions. Someone is probably running your same setup there....

Hope this helps. www.megagames. com will get you there too.

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I agree

by gitex98 In reply to Cable.... gotcha...

I agree with what you're saying regarding a true client-server operation. Also its great to know that some games do come with the server version already in the package.

And you're right about running regular port scans - But thank you so much forthe link I'll try to get more info there.

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Dedicated? or just up a lot?

by ARG CIO In reply to I agree

If you work for the company, you can set it up, and not allow specific port connections outside of the head-end. (router configuration on head-end). That way, your cable modem "customers" will only see your server, and no others. Half-Life comes with a server version, but there are updates, and then patches to install. You can just download the server code from There are also LOTs of other games, and links to sites that will help you configure your game anyway you want. I don't know if exactly what you want is possible, but will help you get it close!

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Work for the company

by gitex98 In reply to Dedicated? or just up a l ...

Would I still be able to get my head-end configured to have the gamers look at my game server only but still be able to access the Internet for other stuff i.e. browsing,...etc.

I will also check for the configurations of the specific game - So I buy a regular retail game and then download the server code, does that sound about right? Thanks

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