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    How to setup a network


    by sinegugup ·

    I’m running a Computer Centre where I work so I want to setup a network connection, how can I do that?

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      by liame ·

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      Start with 2 computers and a cable…..

      A LITTLE more detail would help us help you!

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      by computab ·

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      Do you have a router with a firewall? That is important to block hackers. WinXP Pro is different to WinXP Home. There is a network setup wizard in Network connections. All computers must connect to the same name of network, have a CAT5 cable linked to the router, and have a unique name. Run the network Setup Wizard on each PC.

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      by terrynz001 ·

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      Every computer requires a NIC “Network Interface Card” to which will be connected to a device named “Swicth” by means of a CAT Cable. Every computer will have a local IP Address from range - Also the IP Address will also vary depending on the Router to which you use for your Broadband, such as some Routers require every computer to have a IP Address from range 192.168.1.XXX. The ADSL Router should be connected to the External Port of the Swicth by the CAT Cable that comes from the “To Computer Port” of your ADSL Router. It is also possible to atain a ADSL Router to which has more then 1 CAT CABLE port, such as 4. Where you can skip the need for a Swicth and just connect your computers to the router it’s self. But these usaly only come with 4 ports, so if you need more you should go with the Swicth Option. Another way to set up your network is to have a computer as a “Internet Gateway Server” where a computer running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 has 2 NIC’s, one for the ADSL Router and one for the Swicth. Using this option one can install Gateway Firewall Software, such as Kerio Winroute Firewall http:\\ This is a safer option then running the ADSL Stragiht into your swicth. This way you can insure that your network is protected from Hackers and Virsus. The Gateway Server can also be used as a File Server, a computer that stores files localy that can be accessed by any computer on the Network with authorization. And another possibilty is to attain a Static IP Address from your ISP so you can setup VPN, Web Server, or a Email Server. If you want to go technical, you can setup the Gateway Server as a Domain Controller running Windows Server 2003, but thats not imporatant.

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      by lamczyknic3000 ·

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      What OS are you using, what devices are you using ie. hubs, switches, routers, and what kind of network connection are you trying to set up ie. VLAN , VPN. Give us a little more info so we can help you.

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