How to setup a office network with 2 routers and 2 internet connections?

By sidhusri2 ·
In my office we have 200 PC's
and 2 internet connections like
1.BeamCable (2MB)
DSL Router - IPCOP Linux Firewall server( - switch

2.Airtel (2mb)
DSL Router - Netgear Router( - Switch

Netgear Router Enable DHCP (

But the problem is now we extended system
200PC's to 350PC's

now our office setup change to
1.beam cable (8MBPS)
DSL router - DLink Router ( - DHCP (

2.Airtel (2MBPS)
DSL Router - NetGear ( -

My problem in how to connect to different series of private ip's ( - and share internet connection to 350PS's

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Load Balancing

by oldbaritone In reply to How to setup a office net ...

will be tough with just two cheap routers.

With the old setup, you could have used the Firewall Server as an intelligent router and load balanced between the two connections.

With the new setup, it's probably best just to set individual workstations to prefer one connection or the other - whether the DLink or the Netgear is first on their list of connections. (If all users are equal, 80% should connect to the DLink first, and 20% should connect to the NetGear first)

Without having a network traffic study to know which systems have high bandwidth utilization and which do not, it's going to be difficult to get the load balanced properly between the two connections.

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