How to setup a router?

By joanne_largo ·
Would like to ask for help..i have an exsting DSL connection, would like to activate internet sharing to 8 PC's connected with in a LAN. i have a d-link router DL-704P(not wireless) can i configure the router? where should i start?

your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.thanks

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by CG IT In reply to How to setup a router?

well went to D-link's site and there is no DL-704P that comes up on a search for wired DSL/Cable.

BUT, no matter... if you have a consumer level router, there's really not much you have to do but follow the directions that came with the router.

If you don't have that, visit D-link's web site and download a copy. The correct model # should be on the router itself

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by techrepublicnetwork In reply to How to setup a router?

if you will connect 8 pc so you have to open Lan configuration and if it is openned you can connect the pcs with RC 45 connectors... but i don't know if DL-704P supports 8 pc... if it doesn't support you can have a router too. so you can connect the modem with router and if your connection is wide band and fast you can connect many Pcs.

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