How to setup a server?

By virgilpillay ·
I have a network of 45 computers. all the computers are networke (peer to peer) How do set one of my pc's as the server?

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How to Create a Server

by dhanawade.tejas In reply to How to setup a server?

To create a server, you need install Windows based Server Operating System. Once you have done with this you need to create an Active Directory follow the steps mentioned below:

Setting Up Active Directory Domain
First, you should set up an Active Directory domain. To this effect, you need a dedicated physical server capable of running the Windows Server 2003 operating system. This server will act as a domain controller and have the Active Directory service installed.
To set up an Active Directory domain, you should perform the following operations on the computer that is to serve as the domain controller:
1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM into the computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
2. Click Start --> Run and execute the dcpromo command in the Run dialog to launch the Active Directory Installation wizard.
3. In the Welcome to... window, click Next to proceed with the wizard.
4. In the Domain Controller Type window, select the Domain controller for a new domain radio button and click Next.
5. In the Create New Domain window, select the Domain in a new forest radio button and click Next.
6. In the Install or Configure DNS window, select the No, just install and configure DNS on this computer radio button and click Next.
7. In the New Domain Name window, specify a full DNS name for the new domain and click Next. You can choose any descriptive name you like. In our example we will assign the mycompany.local name to the domain.
8. In the NetBIOS Domain Name window, accept the default domain NetBIOS name (it is set to MYCOMPANY in our case) and click Next.
9. In the Database and Log Folders window, accept the default location (C:\WINDOWS\NTDS) for the folders that will store the Active Directory database and log files; then click Next.
10. In the Shared System Volume window, accept the default location (C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL) for the SYSVOL folder (this folder is used to store the server's copy of the domain's public files) and click Next.
11. In the Permissions window, select the Permissions compatible only with Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 servers or operating systems radio button and click Next.
12. In the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password window, specify an arbitrary password for the Directory Services Restore Mode administrator. You will need this password to boot the domain controller in Directory Services Restore Mode (e.g. if the Active Directory service has failed or needs to be restored). When are ready, click Next.
13. The last window allows you to review the parameters provided by you on the previous steps of the wizard. If you wish to modify any of the displayed parameters, click Back; otherwise, click Next to start creating and configuring the Active Directory domain.
14. Restart the server.
You can also refer For information on creating and configuring Active Directory domains.

Once you have done with this you need to join all your workstation in the domain which is created by you.

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Thats just to get started...

by Jay217 In reply to How to Create a Server

This is a big project.. once you have the Server itself up and running, you need to create all of the users, setup a backup solution, install Antivirus, install all of the windows updates..

Then you need to transfer all of the data over, setup permissions for each section, and start adding each machine. Estimate about an hour for each computer once you have the procedure down.

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