How to setup a web server on network with wireless router and DSL cable!

By avt2k8 ·
I am newbie to networking. I would like to set up a Web Server on small home network that include 2 computers. I got followed components:
- one wireless router D-Link
- one laptop with wireless USB
- one computer that act the web server

I can configure the internet connection on home wireless network successfully. Now I want to setup a web server, but I am not sure how to configure in order to get the static IP address from dynamic IP of ISP. So anyone can access it from world wide web? Please help me the solution. I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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You're Confusing Me

by rkuhn In reply to How to setup a web server ...

But I think what you're saying is how to setup a website at home when your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address?

They have a free utility that will get it done.

Basically, it is a small utility that communicates back to their DNS server any time your IP address changes from your ISP.

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Port forward

by sgt_shultz In reply to How to setup a web server ...

I think you need a port forward probably port 80 to the webserver set up in the router. you could try a support page for apache to tell you exactly may need another public ip address (besides the one your dsl router has now) from your isp, depending on what else you need to use your little network for...seems to me if you forward port 80 you won't be able to browse from another box on the lan...can somebody set me straight here...?

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Solved it.

by avt2k8 In reply to Port forward

Thanks for your response quickly and some hints. I found the article 'Make your home PCs accessible anywhere with Dynamic DNS for free' at TechRepublic. After creating an account, I played around with my D-LINK DI-514 router configuration without supports DynDNS and forwarding ports. Now I got a home web server up on dynamic IP from ISP.

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by rkuhn In reply to Solved it.

It is pretty easy once you do it.

A whole new world is opening up to you...

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