How to setup a wireless broadband Internet service

By Stadey ·
I would like to provide a fast wireless Internet service for the whole of my city, such that everyone can be anywhere within the city at any time (regardless of the number of hosts per time) and still enjoy an excellent connection. Consider houses, offices, neighborhood centers, moving vehicle etc. I need the following information:
? Hardware requirement & quantity
? Software requirement
? Bandwidth requirement
? VSAT or fibreoptics solution?
? Other technical details
? Breakdown of cost implications
Thanks for your quick response.

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You'll need lots of money as this is a big undertaking.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to setup a wireless b ...

WiFi in the 802 band is very short range so you'll need lots of repeater stations around the city.

If you want to implement over the 3G Phone Network you'll need even more money unless you own a Phone carrier. However this may be a useful starting point.

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I have visions of grandiosity too.

by Ron K. In reply to How to setup a wireless b ...

If you're serious, don't reinvent the wheel. Study what San Francisco has done. I believe they have wireless broadband throughout the city. Share passwords with the appropriate people.

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