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How to Setup FTP Server with Dynamic IP

By kirank_15 ·
Hi All,

I have Firewall and Windows Server 2003 behind it.I have success fully implemented Terminal Server using Dynamic IP through question is can i setup FTP server using the Dynamic IP in windows 2003 FTP Server?
I installed FTP Server but what i should give in the place of IP Address textbox? Ofcourse i have forwarded the FTP querry from Firewall to the FTP Server.
Kiran Konsaai.

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by hackersforum In reply to How to Setup FTP Server w ...

well friend, as far i understood your question, if u mean dynamic ip on the server running windows2003 FTP server. You can enable Ftp to run on all unassigned ip's. It means that for what ever may be the ip ftp will run on that ip.

Reply back with a clearly ?

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by larryhyman In reply to How to Setup FTP Server w ...

go to

get a dynamic ip host name and install the small program to update your ip, this way you will be able to ftp to

works for me !

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how to configer the ftb server

by hakshaya_21 In reply to How to Setup FTP Server w ...

Dear sir/madam
i have configr the ftp server but is not
sucssfull. pls send a datile '

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FTP to any computer

by infinishare In reply to How to Setup FTP Server w ...

This product allows you to FTP directly to any computer no matter whether it has private IP or dynamic IP.

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by techman1 In reply to How to Setup FTP Server w ...

To run a ftp server on dynamic IP you not only need to configure your router properly you also need a server that can detect dynamic ip changes.
here is one that works on dynamic ip.

ftp server & router guide:

ftp server that supports dyanmic ip: <a href="">RaidenFTPD ftp server</a>

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