How to setup GameServer (Say Half-life), so that people will join online?

By mbdAli ·
I want to setup my own game server in my home. So people who have access to internet can join into my game server with granted access permission. I have..
1.Assembled Server & 128 grapichs card with Windows2003 std edition.
2.Two Lan adpater 1GBs
3. ADSL Modem (10 MBs Down/2 MBs Up link data rate
4. One LAN router with Wireless capability.

Please guide me to setup my own home server for Online Gaming.

Thanks in Advance

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This link is a bit dated but could help.

by Ron K. In reply to How to setup GameServer ( ...,1558,1621564,00.asp <br>
Google returned 11,600,000 hits for the keywords, "setup game server".

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Good link.. thanks

by mbdAli In reply to This link is a bit dated ...

google returns 11,800,000..
but i am bit lazy on searching.. huh

thanks ron.k

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You're welcome and I know the feeling about being lazy.

by Ron K. In reply to Good link.. thanks

Sometimes I feel like I just want someone to tell me the answer to my question without any difficulties.

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