How to setup Hardware RAID 6.

By takuya_101 ·
I have a Dell PowerEdge 6400 server, which I'd like to setup a Hardware RAID 6 on I have 9 SCSI Hard Drives 18.5GB each, attached to either Adaptec AIC-7880 or Adaptec AIC-7899.

I have tried going into the RAID cards, sadly I wasn't able to find any thing which would allow me to setup any kind of RAID. I don't have nor was able to locate any disks

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Well according to the Dell Web Site there are numerous

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to setup Hardware RAI ...

SCSI RAID Drivers listed though I'm not sure if any support the RAID 6 Option. If they don't you'll require a SCSI RAID Controller that does and you'll need to install the driver for that as you install the OS.

You insert the Install Disc and when the first Blue Screen appears press the F6 Key and wait till you are prompted to insert a Floppy Disc into the A Drive and press Enter. When you are prompted Insert a Floppy Disc with the RAID Driver copied to it's Root and press enter.

The Dell Drivers are located here

Or if that URL gets broken by TR here


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Sorry wrong.

by takuya_101 In reply to Well according to the Del ...

I'm sorry but drivers are no my issue, what I can't find or understand is how to setup a hardware raid, I already have Windows Server 2003 installed and running. All the hard drives are working and have been tested, I understand that I'll lose what is already installed, but that is only for testing so it doesn't matter.

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Well you need to configure the RAID Array

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sorry wrong.

As you install the OS. So follow the directions above that I provided and you'll be able to initialize the RAID Array as you install the OS.

With Windows Server anything when the First Blue Screen Appears press the F6 Key and wait till you are prompted to insert the Raid Driver copied to the Root of a Floppy. Root means directly to the Floppy Without being in any folder. so that when the Drive looks at the Floppy all it sees is the RAID Driver.

After you have the RAID Driver installed the Setup of the OS will be included with the RAID Setup. You'll configure the RAID before you start to install the OS but after the HDD's are Formated.

As to the exact method of doing this it depends on the actual Hardware Controller that you have in place but they all need the Drivers Installed before you start to install the OS.


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Software RAID?

by takuya_101 In reply to Well you need to configur ...

Isn't that for a software RAID setup?

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No it's to install the drivers for a Hardware RAID

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Software RAID?

A Software RAID involves using software to create the RAID Array but here you are using the installed Hardware and need to add the Drivers for it to work/be Configured or however you like to describe it.


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by takuya_101 In reply to No it's to install the dr ...

OK not the first time I have had to do that before, I kept at my replies because what you where saying didn't sound right. I went over the task three time, after I installed the right driver I was asked which hard drive I wanted to use. Then the install stated.

Funny it was the same task I had to do to install XP on my netbook, I never noticed anything saying setup/configure/option RAID.

And I can't count how many times I have installed windows

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It sounds as if instead of the RAID Driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Tried.

You used the SCSI Driver or didn't initialize the RAID Driver to setup the Array.

The way that this works is that you install the RAID Driver then configure the Array before you get to the Format Option as you install Windows.

After you have the RAID Configured you then are asked to set the HDD Size and format the HDD. Instead of asking the Individual Drives the RAID Setup is treated as the 1 HDD.

So check your individual drives to see what they are doing. If there is no RAID Array Setup you have used the wrong Driver.


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Can u set up RAID with just the software?

by kemist55 In reply to How to setup Hardware RAI ...

Hey wats up i Just Ave a question. can u set up RAID if your motherboard do not support RAID and u dont ave the hardware either. basically im asking if u can set up RAID with just the software. im waiting ur reply.

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You should be able to get into the cards own BIOS..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to How to setup Hardware RAI ...

AIC-7880, Single-chip PCI-to-Ultra Wide SCSI

The cards you have attached to the server should have their own BIOS set up, bootup the server and look for the blue screen or any "F" keys to press to activate the setup progress so that you can access the setup and configure the Raid array that you need. You will have to set it up this way before you load on any operating system. You will need a manual of some sorts so that you can see the different setups.

To get more info on your issue go here:

Installing Ultra160 Sun Solaris Driver

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