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How to setup my own DNS Server?

By sulmau ·

I just want to set my own DNS server for my e-mail server & need to know how can i set it on my system.

Need detailed info regarding this.

Awaiting helpful reply as always.

Thanks & Regards / Sulman

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What operating system

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How to setup my own DNS S ...

what operating system are you using, many of the newer ones have this capability built in and it is just a matter of turning it on and setting it up. But we need ti know the o/s of the machine concerned.

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What operating system?

by sulmau In reply to What operating system


I want to set the DNS on Windows NT 4.0 Server as primary server while have windows 2000 server as a backup server & also want to configure the DNS on windows 2000.

I also want to know want type of connection I need from ISP to use my own DNS plus how many IP's I need to purchase from IP selling company or my ISP for the setting of DNS.

Hope above will helpful for you to answer the proceudre of DNS setting in details.

Awaiting helpful reply as always.

Thanks & Regards / Sulman

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Part answer

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What operating system?

I can answer part immediately, but will need to check some things to explain the how for those systems.

If you are setting up the DNS server to be one for your internal network only, then you do NOT need anything from your ISP except the information they have already provided about the IP address for the DNS server that they use. This is so you can refer your server to theirs if the record is not on yours.

If you are setting the DNS server up to be the primary DNS server for your website etc on the Internet, then you should have a permanent Internet connection and it is best to have at least two general Internet IP Internet Addresses, one for your web server and one for the DNS server.

The Win 2k Server and Advance Server CD has asetting where you can tell it that you want your server to be a DNS server and then it activate a wizard to help you set it up. It is important that you set up your DNS lists to include reverse look up, thus it checks the URL to give the IP and the IP to give the URL, it should also refer to the ISP DNS server to refer any requests it cannot satisfy (but only if you need external resolution).

Not sure about setting one up in Win NT. Most I have used have been set up on Linux boxes. Maybe someone else can give details for a Win NT DNS server set up and I will look into my copious notes.

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I did the same thing

by public In reply to How to setup my own DNS S ...

Especially since some ISP's actually record and create a profiles on your usage of their DNS servers (Time Warner Cable being one of them, a pretty savvy idea too i might add). Just be sure NOT to forward email to your ISP's DNS. Let the root hints take care of it.

Works great. Until of course your hard drive fries and you're back to adding your ISP's DNS servers to your workstations anyway

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