How to setup Netgear wn311b wireless PCI Adapter on Windows XP.

By ken100 ·
The software on the installation CD does not recognize the hardware.

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Well the obvious is that the device is not correctly fitted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to setup Netgear wn31 ...

Sometimes with PCI Plug in cards they can be held out of the PCI Socket slightly and not make a proper connection. When this happens you need to loosen off the Backing Plate and refit the Card making sure that it is pushed all of the way into the PCI Socket. Then retighten the Backing Plate.

Or if you have several different PCI Cards in this computer you may have this particular Card in a Socket which is incompatible with the Card, when this happens you need to move the PCI Card to a different PCI Socket and retry installing the drivers.

What can happen if you have more than 1 PCI Card in use is that the DMA Addresses on a individual PCI Socket are allocated to something incompatible with that Plug in Card. Even if you do not have more PCI Cards in use you may still need to move the Card to a Different Socket.

The way that you know that the Card is working correctly is that when you turn on the system Windows tells you that it has found new Hardware and then proceeds to install the necessary Drivers and so on for that Hardware. This Can either be an automatic process if the system has suitable drivers or it can require you to insert a Driver Disc and install the supplied Software that came with the card.

I would start off here turning the computer off unplugging the power cord and then changing the PCI Socket that the WiFi Card is in. If you only have the one PCI Socket available and the others are in use you'll need to move one of those cards to the PCI Socket that is free restart the computer and make sure that the Moved PCI Card still works then turn off and fir the WiFi card.

You may have to move a couple of PCI Cards to get things working correctly here and you should only move one thing at a time as it saves you a lot of time when things do not work as expected.


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That came out

by santeewelding In reply to Well the obvious is that ...

Like stream-of-consciousness.

No complaints from me. You get to do it any way you want.

And me -- I get to add this lesson to all the others.

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So Santee perhaps you would like to know

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to That came out

How I used End Mills to do some Woodworking. :^0

Cheaper than buying a Router and worked as well.


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Other way around

by santeewelding In reply to So Santee perhaps you wou ...

Worked for me, as well: a Sears router fitted with aluminum cutter and lots of aluminum cutting oil for horozontal and upside-down machining on a large structure.

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Amazing what you can get away with isn't it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Other way around

Currently I've been looking at Pocket Bike Bits for SWMBO son and it terrified me what they make for these things. OK so a Racing Swing Arm made out of a single lump of Aircraft Grade Billet Alloy may be acceptable barely but a 2.5 K NOS Kit just blew me away.

Knowing that boy I know what he now wants so I'm not mentioning the NOS Kit. Way too much work for me and as I can buy a complete new motor for about $100.00 I think it's way too expensive. I could actually get 2 or 3 complete bikes for less than the cost of that NOS Kit.

Though here he showed me a NOS Kit that has Bottles the size of a Soda Bomb that hold 16 Grams of Nitrous Oxide and they are only $2.00 a bottle. The entire Kit is well under $100.00 but I have to question just how long the thing could supply Nitrous as even with a 50 CC Motor 16 Grams doesn't go very far.


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