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how to setup phase 1 of their network project which includes three building

By chuilinglow ·
how to make a phase 1 of their network project which includes three buildings (a main administration building, class rooms and a library). Main administration building:
? Single storey building to house the staffroom and administration office.
? Two servers to store student registration data, payments, assessment records, expenditure of the school, procurements and other miscellaneous expenses.
? Staff room has six workstations and a printer (additional two servers to as a web and file server).
? Administration office has another four workstation and a printer (one workstation for the headmistress and three other clerical staff).

Class rooms (60 meters from the main administration building):
? Single storey building to house thirty students in a single class.
? One server to store edutainment software, performance of the students, class activities and assessment.
? The classroom includes thirty (30) workstations and two printers.

Library building (50 meters from the main office building):
? Single storey building to house twelve students and three librarians.
? One server to store various e-books, book loan records, fines, purchase of new books etc.
? The library includes fifteen (15) workstations and a printer.

Before you get on with the details of the project, the headmistress would like an
Itemized checklist and a draft sketch of the network project to convince the
other shareholder and investors phase 1 is in progress.

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I'm willing to help, but more info please...

by TomSal In reply to how to setup phase 1 of t ...

Fact is this week we are in a slower period (lots of vacations and I finished my major projects early this week) and being that I enjoy networking I'll help you out with this project.

However you are a bit vague.

1) What is the deadline on this?
2) What is your budget (does no good if my equipment suggestions aren't within budget)?
3) Security concerns?
4) Any remote access required with this network?
5) You need a drawing of the layout? What file format...Visio?

get back to me and I'll help you out.


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Don't forget -

by JimHM In reply to I'm willing to help, but ...

Is there any existing wire chases between buildings - Poles - or existing fiber.

What kind of data volume will be handled in the class rooms -

Got to get down and dirty - with details now - otherwise you is SOL later ;->

PS - What kind of grade you looking for - A or C..

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