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    How to setup server


    by mustaffa80 ·

    hi everybody,
    i would like to know deeply regarding setup client(win98se)- server(win2k) in simple workgroup.Can u all suggest me a good web or book for beginner like me to make reference.

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      At a guess I think you’re asking about a Peer to Peer Network

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to How to setup server

      These are really quite simple in fact as all you have to do is set the same Workgroup name in all the units and give each a different user name. You then set TCP/IP network protocols and with the 98 units select Windows logon and then select file and printer sharing all in the Network section of the Control Panel.

      But a word of caution here unless you are using W2K Server you can only have 10 units connected as W2K Pro has a built in upper limit of 10 computers in a peer to peer network any more and they just won?t work. You can have any number of workstations but there can only be 10 running at the same time if you want any more you?ll just have to use W2K Server which is a lot more expensive and if you are going to do that then it?s just as easy to set up a Domain and do the job properly

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      Networking for Dummies

      by difster ·

      In reply to How to setup server

      Try Networking For Dummies. It’s pretty basic stuff especially if you have a broadband router that will handle DHCP for you.

      Of course you’re if you’re in Southern California, you could pay me to come and set it up for you (I’ll even let you watch). 🙂

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