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    How to setup WOL?


    by wolfmaster ·

    Issue: I have a WIN XP Pro pc. The motherboard BIOS is set for WOL and is enabled.
    I am also using the on-board LAN and have set the properties (power mgmt) to allow the pc to brought out of standby (although under ‘advanced’ i cannot see the items listed for ‘Link control state’ or others that i have read about).
    I’ve tried several times to get the WOL to work, and although the card receives the packet it doesnt wake up.
    One software did work called ‘WOL 1.0.3’, but it only works on the internal LAN and not over the internet.
    My router is the Netgear WNR854T.

    Can anyone help as I am interested in getting this to work over the internet.


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