How to setup XP systm as FTP server

By kasb31-tr ·
I have searched many sites looking for a simple way of setting up a windows XP system as a FTP server. I am able to get the XP system configured for XP (using IIS) however, I am still not able to view the files on this PC from another PC.

Is there any document or site that explains step by step on how to configure and verify connection?

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A couple of links

by kasb31-tr In reply to A couple of links may hel ...

Thanks for your reply however, we have tried these links and they fall short of explaining the "how to configure and test". They only explain the 3rd party tool they recommend versus using FTP directly from XP.

All of the settings are pretty straight forward. You setup the FTP via IIS and then setup your default FTP site and it should work. Whaty I need is an expalnation of how to access this FTP site through the browser.

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by robo_dev In reply to A couple of links

or ftp://192.x.x.x (whatever yours is)

you can also do the same from the command prompt:

connect yourservernamehere

enter userid/password and you're in.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to A couple of links


FTP:// prefix your IP

Port Number :21

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Last question... and I think I got it

by kasb31-tr In reply to A couple of links

OK. One of the minor details that is usualy not explained is the fact that you have to configure PortForwarding if you are behind a router. That was the missing piece, however, I have one more question that will put this to rest....

Instead of telling people to go to my URL of 192.XXX.XX.XXX, is there a way to rename this and tell them to go to "" and access the same thing?

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page 3

by Jacky Howe In reply to Last question... and I th ...**&page=3

Edit: And another link.

You will have to register a Domain Name for your FTP site if you want to use a name.

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by rrrrree In reply to How to setup XP systm as ...

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ur work on FTP is required

by ariez88 In reply to How to setup XP systm as ...

we are creating the same thing as our final year project.initially we have to create an FTP server which will hv to open in an HTTP page. we have followed this link.
Beginners Guides Setting up an FTP Server in Windows XP - PCSTATS_com.htm
can u provide us any relevant material on this?
please let me know if u have full command on FTP so that we can consult you in future as well.

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