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how to share a memory of other computer

By rakesh gupta ·
how to share a memory of other computer when our computer memory is finished or when we like to use a memory of other computer

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Come again?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how to share a memory of ...

I'm assuming major language difficulty here because your question doesn't even start to make sense.

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Are you asking if you can swap memory sticks between computers?

by NickNielsen In reply to how to share a memory of ...

The answer is yes. I won't tell you why because I suspect that's the rest of your homework.

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The way I read this

by neilb@uk In reply to how to share a memory of ...

is that you want some sort of cluster where you can throw a program at multiple computers.

If that's correct then the answer is to "spend lots of money".

Neil :)

One thumb will do, thank you. I'm not greedy.

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Swapping out Memory

by dmiles In reply to how to share a memory of ...

First of all you need to know if the memory modules are the same,You will have to open the case and first touching the insides of the metal this will prevent transfer of EMC,locate the memory modules and push the white clip back and pull memory out,do this to other computer also,now loook at each module,at the bottom are grooves are they the same,the grooves fits on a ridge in the memory slot,if this matches up and knowing the size of the memory and you have enough room to install,then proceed one module at a time with the new memory by installing and booting computer,this process will indicate if the module is compatible and computer boots up,continue this process untill all memory banks are full.

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If a cluster is what you are wanting

by j-mart In reply to how to share a memory of ...

A group of machines running Linux can be set up on a network as a "cluster" sharing all resources, processing power, memory, as a sort of super computer.

Here are some links that will let you know more


As for cost Linux is free, hardware don't need to be the latest, it can be old, all that is required is knowledge, and as you are a student the more you desire to learn the better off you will be.

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To share memories between two computers...

by GruntingDwarf In reply to how to share a memory of ...

... both of them must have been connected each other for a long time, their software be highly compatible and their hardware belong to the same generation.

Not sure whether this responds your question, but sounds like such a promising scifi essay...

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