How to share a PDF file in LAN without copy,move,edit & delete permissions?

By pro.vineel ·
Can any one help me by suggesting a tool or process with which we can share PDFs and Documents in LAN, for which copy, move and delete options should not be available.

My requirement is, I shall share a PDF or Document to all our employees. All they have to do is just open and view the PDF but nothing more than that. They must have restrictions to copy, delete, edit and delete permissions.

Please help.!

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Depends what type of network do you have?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to share a PDF file i ...

Maybe a rule in Group Policy if you have a Windows based Network or the same thing under Samba for a Linux Based Network.

Even then if you have a P2P workgroup for PDF at least Adobe Pro will allow you to set copy & print permissions on it's documents which may also do what you want with PDF at least.


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read = copy

by nstelios In reply to How to share a PDF file i ...

There might be an issue with what you are after.
Allowing uses to read, also allows them to copy/print

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try to secure your pdf file

by eligreen In reply to How to share a PDF file i ...

I think you can easily achieve that purpose by securing your pdf file from editing.

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