how to share internet conection between win and linux via wireless?

By ali110007 ·
i have 2 of them has windows 7,and another one has ubuntu 11.04.
i have adsl connection on my windows pc and want to share internet between my computers via wireless can i do this?

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You mean wireless network cards?

by seanferd In reply to how to share internet con ...

I don't think Windows does wireless P2P or mesh networks.

Better to get a wireless access point or router, or use a cable. If you must go through the Windows machine instead of direct to the internet gateway, set up internet connection sharing with the network setup wizard in the start menu.

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hi, you can get a wireless router

by markp24 In reply to how to share internet con ...


if you purchase and install a wireless router this will allow both (and more) computers you have (OS doenst matter) to access the internet as long as both systems have wireless adapters installed (recommend you set them for DHCP)
if you need help with the details of confirguring the router and wireless network im sure everyone on the TR site will be happy to assist.

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If you have two routers you can set them up as access points..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how to share internet con ...

You might need to read your routers manual to see how to setup this access point mode.
Or you could have one as a repeater, meaning that as one router is connected to your internet the other one is repeating the signal from the master router. It all depends on your type of router(s).

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Street Jam

by megwanyu In reply to how to share internet con ...

I have been given an assignment to design a program for the traffic in the whole city (this is a small city called Kampala in Uganda). What considerations should I put in place in the program?

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