How to shorten taskbar?

By divine_devil87 ·
I would like to know is there anyway I could shorten my taskbar all the way untill only the system tray is visible? Would really appreciate any info on this. Thanks.

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Well, I've never considered this as an option . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to shorten taskbar?

Mainly because if you shorten the taskbar - where would you 'put' the Start button?

Also, the moment you started ANY program you would be unaware of its existence if it minimized.

Perhaps you would be happier if the taskbar were hidden entirelyby Right clicking the Start button, left click Properties, left click the Taskbar tab, then check the Auto hide box. Now click APPLY.

The task bar will appear when your pointer is on the bottom of the screen and disappear when you move the pointer away from the bottom.

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forgot to mention

by divine_devil87 In reply to Well, I've never consider ...

forgot to mention that Im using an object dock so thats why i dont want to see the taskbar, the bad thing aboutthe object dock is that when i click on close for example msn messenger it minimizes and goes to my system tray and not my dock, goes the same for my other programs such as antiviruses. It will only appear on my dock if i click minimize but not if i click the X button which I am used too.

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That's coz your 'dock' is just kidding on being a dock

by OldER Mycroft In reply to forgot to mention

I suspect it's because of which 'dock' you are using; there are a few around that don't FULLY take over your operating system - like the one that is based on either Stardock OR WindowBlinds.

What you want is the one I've got, although I don't actually use the dock part.

What you are doing is trying to emulate the docking-bar from the Apple system while running a PC with XP.

Try this link:

It's a total transformation with a dock that works just like a dock.

I've had it running for over two years and can't remember what it used to look like unless I see some other user's system - usually when it doesn't work!

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