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How to show senior (non IT) managers what performance gains they can get

By edward ·
Right get ready to laugh but my company has 10 2000 SQL servers but no DB, or in fact anyone approaching a DB. SO I have taken it on myself to have a look around having had some experience before, But please go easy on the answers as my SQL knowledge is more from a dev?s point of view. I have run DBCC SHOWCONTIG

And most my tables have a scan density of between 10%-50%. I thought higher was better so straight of this looked very bad. I am I right?

Logical and extend fragmentation average say 30% and 70%. I thought these where meant to be low like 0% I am I right?

I have run DBCC DBREINDEX on all tables and seen density?s of around 100% and fragmentation reduced to near zero levels. I think this is a good thing?

But how to convince the boss that DB?s need care and attention, I need a hard hitting facts like the DB is now 20% faster because some time and effort was spent on the DB. Wouldn?t it be great if we had A DBA think what they could do!!!

But I have no idea how to bench mark the before and after I have found loads of performance tips but I cant find out how to rate these performances with simple before and after reports.

Many thanks

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