How to shut off all the annoying pop ups in win 7

By btgbobby ·
When working with Win 7 you are constantly bombarded with annoying widows saying you don't have permission or are you sure you want to this or that, oh what I would give if some one could advise how to shut them all off.
The biggest gripe I have with Win 7 is the speed with which you can do things, most of the things you would do in XP were on the whole pretty fast, with win 7 it spends more time advising you with pop ups than getting on with the job. One case in point in XP if you wanted to move a file in Explorer, you just right clicked and dragged it to where you wanted it, in Win 7 it is major performance you either pick up the contents and leave the folder brhind or the damn thing will either refuse to move with a pop up "you dont have permission" or freeze up the whole computer.
Maybe I've got it all wrong and I need tuition, but can somone help to get Win 7 to work?Getting Win 7 work as smoothly as XP would be a blessing
Any comments or help would be appreciated, my email is .
Regards to all Briantgb

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Here you go

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to shut off all the a ...

Just remember it's not just you who avoids all those irritating questions, it's them as well...

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Two Things

by dogknees In reply to How to shut off all the a ...

Drag and Drop should still work as per XP. It's the only method I use and have for years.

Don't try and put things in folders on C: like \Users and it's content. Use the Libraries or the folders under your name as it's designed to be used. Alternatively, create the folders you want.

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How to shut off all the annoying pop ups in win 7

by btgbobby In reply to How to shut off all the a ...

Hi Guys, thanks for the help in answering some of my problems, Can you advise how to stop, 1 Win 7 asking "You require Admin permission" to do anything, 2 How to make the partitions in Explorer stay where I put them, 3 Stop the pop up when I want to down load a file, Your advice would be apreciated
Regards Brian

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Some things

by shhite In reply to How to shut off all the a ...

1. Your user account has to have admin rights to download.... If it does not you have to log into the computer with an account that does.
2. What do you mean make the partiitions stay where u put them ??? They usually go in alpha numeric oder
3. Which browser are u using?

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You aren't telling us something here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to shut off all the a ...

Nothing in winders is going to move your partitions about.
The first answer provided by me, is how to turn UAC off, that wonlt help you unless you are logged on as a user with admin rights.

Give us an example of when it asks you for admin authority.
If they are mapped drives, you could have allsorts of issues if it's elevating to map them. It works but not as you, so admin ends up eith your mappings, then it comes back to you and you still haven't got them...

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