How to size data storage on server 2003?

By redhat ·
We are going to be moving to a new location, and building new coputers for 25 people. They will be on a domain with a server 2003 SMB (With Exchange). I want to store their desktop and my documents, favorites and cookies on the server, for data backup purposes...

How do I plan the size of memory and storage space I will need to do this to support them on the server? Is it fair to say 2GB of storage space per user (1GB files, 1GB exchange)? but how much RAM will I need to run smoothly ? (opening and closing files all the time...) as a file server, etc.

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use quotas

by CG IT In reply to How to size data storage ...

figure users never get rid of email. it's not unusual for users to have 2 GB of stuff in their mail boxes. Training them to store stuff in PST folders helps.

I'd use quotas if there's a question of how much is enough. You can always increase their quota and quotas make them aware they have to clean up unused stuff.

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ok, now how much memory?

by redhat In reply to How to size data storage ...

ok, quotas will really **** them off, so maybe they'll learn how to archive email and how to find it...

now how do I determine how much memory the server will need? 2GB, etc?

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by CG IT In reply to ok, now how much memory?

don't have much of one...

for a server? as much as you can afford is the general rule of thumb regarding memory.

the mainboard usually has a limit and so does the O/S [depending on which one]

Go here for hardware advise on Exchange Server. W2003 Exchange is 32 bit and W2007 Exchange is 64 bit and will not run on 32 bit architecture so if you are thinking of Exchange 2007, then plan hardware purchases around the 64 bit architecture.

I think 4 GB is the max mem on W2003 Exchange. W2007 is 16GB.

Note: Max mem that Exchange can address. you could have a board that supports 32 GB of physical memory but Exchange can only address 4 GB of that.

Note: on previous post of quotas. You can limit the size of a users mailbox so that they can only store so much in the box. Quotas aren't like disk quotas rather mail box storage size. Forces them to store the stuff elsewhere because users never clean up their mailbox.

here's a link on how to manage user mailbox size.

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by redhat In reply to memory?

well, thanks for the link, but it dind't help much as I'm not moving to Exchange 2007. We can barely love Exchange 2003.

The exisitng server has 1GB of Memory in it already with 12 users using it just for exchange.

After I move their desktop and my documents folder storage to the server, we will have 12 additional users for a total of 24.

So I am going to buy a qty of 2 - 1GB chips to add to the server memory bank, for a total of 3GB of memory, and hope that it all works.

Doubling the qty of users = doubling the memory, and then moving their document storage over to be used as a file server, throw in another gig of memory, and I hope that work.

Anyone care to pray with me that it will work?

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humm you need an upgrad of hardware if it's an All in One Box

by CG IT In reply to huh

Those things need as much memory at the O/S and motherboard will take. You need fast drives to. SATA II or SCSI. I'd opt for a dual processor motherboard with max memory and SCSI drives [or SATA II],

I've seen SBS "all in one boxes" doing everything including a SQL database and crawl because of ATA 133 drives being used single processors and 2 GB of memory.

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