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How to solve all the world's problems

By jardinier ·
I received an email which just consisted of this URL:


There are a lot of hyperlinks at the website, the most fundamental being:


The author is some kind of religious nutter, but his "Bible" consists largely of rules relating to freedom of the individual. I think Max especially will relate to some of these proposed rules.

Explore the hyperlinks for some useful, and some bizarre information.

You can laugh, you can cry, but personally I found some ideas that were quite interesting.

BTW Gret and myself are currently having a ball upsetting the Christians at:


It is primarily an American fundamentalist/evangelical website, but a wide variety of views are brought forth for discussion. Protius would like it I think, and Neil perhaps also.

They have quite accepted the fact that Gret is an atheistic Jew, and appreciate her knowledge of Old Testamanet Hebrew in particular.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to How to solve all the worl ...

eliminate all humans.

Before you all moan - think, it is true!
It is the WORLD'S problems, not human / mankind / womankind or peoplekind problems. The WORLD is more than just us lot.

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Actually TechMale

by jdclyde In reply to Easy..

I really HAVE read papers by econuts that have claimed that we need to cut back on the population to save the earth.

If there is no population, there is no reason to have an earth, is my point of view.

After all, it really is all about me! B-)

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After all, it really is all about me!

by jardinier In reply to Actually TechMale

And that is just the problem, isn't it. Everybody on the planet is primarily focused on what would be best for themselves.

I feel VERY STRONGLY that the world has been seriously overpopulated for quite some time already.

Fewer people equals less pollution, less demand on unrenewable resources, no need to go nuclear for domestic energy (yes it's clean and SAFE -- until something goes wrong).

I think that people who habitually scoff at "greens" are just thinking of their own lives and maybe those of their children. But what about your grandchildren and great grandchildren? What will the world be like three generations from now?

From my own perspective, Sydney is already overpopulated and there are no plans in place to slow down the population increase.

How does this affect me personally? Driving is a nightmare, even in the suburban areas. In eastern Australia we are having an extended drought and more people means greater water requirement.

My greatest personal concern on a world-wide scale is the rate at which forest is being destroyed -- especially in the Amazon area -- simply because there are too many people trying to eke a living.

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One way to solve "the world's problems"

by maxwell edison In reply to How to solve all the worl ...

Be the change you see in the world.
-- Mahatma Gandhi

The bottom line is BOTH individual rights and individual responsibility -- they cannot be separated.

Do not deny others the right to be responsible (or decide) for themselves.

Do not deny others the responsibility to be responsible for themselves.

Do not expect (or force) others to assume responsibility for yourself.

Do not expect (or force) others to assume responsibility for others.

(Note: This does not, in any way, prevent an individual from helping those that individual deems needy or worthy.)

If EVERYONE in the world conceded such rights and responsibilities, it would be a different place indeed.

(You just had to suck me in, didn't you. Julian?)

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There are two problems with that,

by mjwx In reply to One way to solve "the wor ...

And don't get me wrong Max, I agree with you on the point that people should be responsible for themselves.

But it relies in people beleiving the same as you do. so those who do not believe in individual responsibility (I find that difficult to fathom too Max but they exist none the less) would have it forced upon them, denying them both freedom of choice and individual liberty (to decide for themselves). It's crappy catch 22 I know.

The second is that whist we form large co-operative organisations it will be impossible to determine let alone to assign individual responsibility. The corporation is a prime example of this, how many Enron execs are in jail. Not many as the execs all had someone else to blame or other methods to confuse it. There is no clear cut way to assign blame to a corporate or co-operative entity as it would be blatantly unfair to assign blame equally (Marxist too I believe) as the cleaner does not have the same responsibilities or benefits as the head accountant.

There's a couple of jokes that come to mind about the corporate responsibility, first "none of us are as dumb as all of us" and the second:
"Corporation, N, method of gaining individual wealth whist avoiding individual responsibility."

Now, Max don't get me wrong, I don't want to knock you down over this but a theory must be able to stand up to scrutiny. When I find a problem with one of my theories it provides me with an opportunity to improve it.

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Do you really take yourself seriously?

by maxwell edison In reply to There are two problems wi ...
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I'm sorry Max

by mjwx In reply to Do you really take yourse ...

Cant your idea's stand up to a little scrutiny?

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It's your attitude. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm sorry Max

...or at least the way you come across. You just rub me the wrong way. I don't like anything about your messages -- and especially the way you present them. You appear to be a person I do not care to associate with, much less discuss serious issues with. You are SO "off-base" that it would be an effort in futility to try to converse. It's pointless.

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May God forgive me .....

by jardinier In reply to It's your attitude. . . .

for the mischief I am about to cause.

I think it may have been mjwx's first encounter with you, but I am not sure about that.

In any case his comment was so colourful that I saved it for a -- rainy day?

So here is mjwx's opinion of you:

Jesus H Christ, I?ve met some idiots in my time but you definitely are the worst.
You are a stain on the fabric on society.

But then again max you have a history of opening your mouth without consulting your brain, if you even have one.

I fear not for what others might think But i do think carefully before I offend someone deliberately. You god-dammed ultra-right wing arsewipe of a shell of someone pretending to be a human being.

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I have ZERO tolerance. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm sorry Max

...for elitist people who presume to take "proxy" responsibility for others, which, by definition, includes me. Thanks, but no thanks. (Note: "Proxy" responsibility is to give the illusion of taking responsibility by forcing others to do it.) I have ZERO tolerance for people who presume to stick their nose into other people's business. And in the case of my VERY SIMPLE message, your reply suggested that you espouse denying one person his individual rights just because another person might shun his individual responsibility. That's the epitome of stinkin' thinkin'. Get over yourself!

People like you insist on infringing on the rights of others, and you provide a nonsensical justification for doing it; and I have NO TOLERANCE for people like you.

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