how to solve delay in printing over win xp network ?

By harryred ·
I have five machines on network
and a canon printer lbp2900 linked
to one of the machine and share to the rest.From the machine that it is linked to it prints immediatly but when printing thru the network the is a delay.Please help.

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I think I would be inclined

by tintoman In reply to how to solve delay in pri ...

Either to change the printer for one that connects directly to your network or add a print server to the network, that way you dont get a delay if your printer host computer is busy.

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Well for starters you would have to look at the Network Traffic

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to solve delay in pri ...

So try loading something like Wireshark and seeing what you network is actually doing.

You also need to take into account the load on the computer that the printer is connected to, if it is running close to 100% CPU Usage or a very high Page File Usage it's going to print slower particularly over the Network than a computer not working as hard does. You also need to look at the actual Physical Charismatics of the Computer that the Printer is attached to. Typically Print Servers have a lot more RAM to Speed up the Print Jobs than workstations do and they need it.

What happens is that a Print Job comes in over the Network and then gets transfered tot he Print Spooler where it gets converted into a form that the Printer can use then after the conversion is complete the printer starts to spool to the Printer and if there is nothing being done the printer will start the Print Process.

The more complex the Print Job the Longer it's going to take over the Network so things like Duplexing will slow the process down and if there are Pictures involved particularly color Photos even with a Monochrome Printer will be slower than without the Pictures.

You really need to look at the individual Print Jobs to see just how long they should take and understand that the bigger the Print Job the more processing is involved in getting the job to the printer and the slower the process will be.

Ideally you can use a Network Attached Printer like the IRC Series of Canon Photocopiers which are faster than printers directly connected to a computer but the best way is to look at what is required and then what the budget is for Printing and see what can be got for that job and requirements.


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