How to solve vgasave issue?

By cwb0089 ·
So we recently had to redeploy all the computers at my place of employment using the Microsoft Deployment Workbench, and as a result of the redeployment, the drivers for the computers we redeployed are a bit messed up. In particular, the graphics driver for the majority of the computers are coming up with errors, and have been replaced with the vgasave driver.

We are somewhat aware of what caused the issue (injecting the drivers for the different computers), but now we'd like to find a way to fix the issue without having to reinstall and redeploy all over again. My initial searches haven't come up with much in the way of solutions, so I was wondering if anyone on here had any insight on what to do.

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not sure but

by brian In reply to How to solve vgasave issu ...

Have you tried just logging in as admin on the local machine, not the network, and re-installing the driver from the install package that you downloaded from the manufacturer?

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tried that

by cwb0089 In reply to not sure but

We've tried that. Suggestions were to uninstall and reinstall the chipsets and associated drivers. However, this hasn't shown much result. It's possible that EVERY driver related to the graphics drivers may need to be removed first, however, we've had no luck with this.

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Are the drivers certified for the OS?

by seanferd In reply to tried that

If they are, remove the drivers for the motherboard and processor, and system drivers as well - any bad drivers must come out first. Then install motherboard drivers, etc., then the video drivers.

Check with the mobo or PC vendor's site - the installation order may be important. But generally you would install the most important drivers first.

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They're certified...

by cwb0089 In reply to Are the drivers certified ...

They're certified for the OS. I've made sure of that and downloaded the necessary drivers to try.

As per your response, we've done something similar to that. However, the drivers may reappear after uninstallation. More so, the systems can be prone to crashing if everything doesn't go right.

I'm unsure if the installation order matters, but I've tried several combinations of uninstalling and installing drivers, and have had no luck thus far.

My impression of the problem is that it certainly is not easy to fix.

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When you removed the bad drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to They're certified...

Did you restart the computer?

If not that may be your problem.


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We've Tried

by cwb0089 In reply to When you removed the bad ...

We've done that, but more to the point, the computer won't let the drivers work. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers doesn't change the situation. For whatever reason or another, the driver has no resources available, so it won't work.

I spent about an hour today trying to mess with it and had no luck with new drivers and updates.

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Look for hidden devices

by dave In reply to How to solve vgasave issu ...

Add line "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" with value of 1 to System Variables and start up Device Manager with the Show Hidden Devices option. Make sure there is nothing funky hiding under the Display Adapters section and is clean before reinstalling the video drivers.

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