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How to speed up the settling in period.

By Scarecrow71 ·
I am soon to move to a new employer. My role will be similar to my current one, but in a much bigger team.

I am wondering if any of you have suggestions for the best ways to speed up the 'settling in' period.

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Two words

by maxwell edison In reply to How to speed up the settl ...

Produce results.

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Two more words

by Oz_Media In reply to How to speed up the settl ...

Be different!

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Two more words..

by TomSal In reply to Two more words


oh sorry that's just one...darn public edumacation.

(but you get my point)

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FYI, My Comment was for main thread(NT)

by TomSal In reply to How to speed up the settl ...
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How about...

by Scarecrow71 In reply to How to speed up the settl ...

Tips for

Remembering lots a new peoples names

Getting to grips with the unwritten/political pecking order

Finding out who really calls the shots


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by jkaras In reply to How about...

Walk right up to everyone prior to the start of a meeting and smash everyone's toes with your foot. As they hop around cursing at you, smile and say now that we got that out of the way, how can I assist anyone. In reality everyone will see you as a threat to usurp their power by making them look bad being the new guy trying to make a name. Trust takes time and if you treat people fair enough and let people know where the line is, you will gain respect. Cliques are as much of a pain now as they were in high school.

My way of memorizing names is by association. Usually I look at everyone and ask who they remind me of. I have lived in a lot of cities and no matter where I go I always see or meet someone's double or a real close resemblance, why is that? Also people tend to decorate their cubicle to represent their interests and personalities. I usually inquire on a piece that they obviously love and get them to talk about it. Once common ground is established a rapport is gained. When it comes to the "shots", that is usually the outcast answer man who knows everything despite how obscure with little social skills. The manager always follows that person's lead and is very protective offering high leway to that person since they depend on them to make everything go right. Honestly pick a person either at random or who you might think is a quality person and ask them to lunch. Breaking bread with someone is the best neutral interaction away from work where people tend to be people for a change and not an office rat.

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Name association

by Oz_Media In reply to ok

I used to have a test when I was teching Dale Carnegie. I would step out of the meeting room with two people and claim they would remember the 50 words listed in the board within 5 minutes.

5 minutes later they would reenter the room and students would ask them to name specific numbered words on the list. They would respond with the correct word instantly.

Name associateion gis great for people's names, the more ridiculous the association, the easier it is to remeber.

eg: Hi my name is Brian Pinger , could be remembered as 'Brain Pinger', If the boss's name is Ross, remember Ross the Boss, just little and very stupid associations will work best. In fact the dumber it is, the easier it is to remember.

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Brain Pinger

by Scarecrow71 In reply to Name association

I can just see myself sending an email to Brain Pinger instead of Brian!!

He'd probably have been teased about it for his whole life and I would have put his therapy back 10 years!!!

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