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How to spend first month?

By bonjovin ·
I am about to start my new job as IT manager in logistics company, with 2 members of my team.
What would be the best way to spend first month (or three?) on new job?

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Touch nothing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to spend first month?

talk to everybody.
Learn the environment. Sit in with your people on the day to day stuff. Look through the call log. After the first month write your impressions down and go from there.

Take your two members for a beer, you can find out all sorts of useful stuff when people let their hair down.

In my experience the first thing a new manager does is get right up at least one person's nose.
Might be necessary, then again it might not.

Above all resist the temptation to be a new broom superstar in your first week.

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Touch nothing and learn to listen

by stuartoliver1 In reply to Touch nothing

I agree with Touch nothing and add be prepared to listen.

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Good advice

by tim.doyle3 In reply to Touch nothing and learn t ...

I'm not much of an IT guy - I do a good job, but I'm more of a generalist (and office clerk... and chauffeur...) and that's good advice no matter what. kind of job you're going into. Watch, learn, observe. If you see a process that could use a change or a modification (or is unnecessary), write it down for a later date. Good luck!

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Plan to make your "mark"

by ssabanis In reply to Touch nothing and learn t ...

I am involved in IT for 20 years.
The lesson that I learned is that:
- When you are a ne IT Manager, you must make something different than the previous one(s). One imprtant question is "Why/Where the previous failed?" Then try to avoid making the same mistakes
- Build a team/Build YOUR team. No matter how big is the IT dept. you must find your allies. Build a team with these few so you can trust them and they can trust you.
- Try to establish new Processes or new Applications in the Organization. You might gain power from this and definitely prove that "you can deliver".

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Build team with best, not just brown noses

by OutsourcedAgain In reply to Plan to make your "mark"

Seen managers build their team with the brown noses while shunning the best. When the best leave you would be left with a bunch of non-productive brown nosers.

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Just being

by unanikka In reply to Touch nothing

Being since works start till works stop.
Let them notice you.
Be faithful and patient.

Most of all, try to remember thier name.

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managment = teamwork

by JaredH In reply to Just being

First, let me say that I am impressed that as a new manager, you are looking to improve and better your self as a manager. Good for you.
Remember that management is teamwork and it is your job to help the team succeed. When the team does a good job, it means you are doing a good job. Here are 5 functions or ways to build good teams, thus building yourself to be a good manager.
1) Trust your people under you and help them to trust you.
2) Give good honest feedback and be willing to take feedback.
3) Make a committment to your team to help them in any way you can and they will committ to do all they can to help you succeed.
4) Hold your team accountable for their actions, not only for the bad actions but for the good ones too. Allow the people to hold you accountable for the same.
5) Never put yourself above the team! Even though you are the leader of the team, don't ever think that you are beyond the team. Such attitudes have only destroyed departments.

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Teamwork - Well said

by Lawrence Cheok In reply to managment = teamwork

I concur with good teamwork as one of the cornerstone of any success.

I like to add that this is probably the time to observe and listen to people. Build rapport with your team. Understand their strengths and weaknesses, what drives them.

Let them know you as well. Communicate your management style and your beliefs in what it takes to be successful. Communication is two ways.

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One more thing!

by sifontese In reply to Teamwork - Well said

Do not forget your Superior levels! Everyone speaks of your team, the upper level is also part of the team. Treat them carefully and listen to their priorities.

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Words to live by

by tfitzpatrick In reply to managment = teamwork

I agree 100% with JaredH. I have followed these simple rules in my Management role and they all hold true. I especially like number 4. I make it a point to empower the members of my team and let them make decisions on their own, based on their own experience. I am always there to throw them a lifeline if needed and would NEVER let them hang out to dry. By empowering them to make their own decisions, they are more likely to learn from their mistakes. Just be sure you have their backs at all times. As their Manager, that is part of your job.

One last thing, nobody likes to be micro-managed. You will need to find out whatever you can about each member of your team, but do not hover over them and watch them too closely.

Good luck.

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